Aids, Laz, Chuck, Megs, Vic...
Get ready! We are going to Tahoe!

Okay girrrrrrrrlllls!
Below is the plan for our fun filled weekend!

Thursday, 1/ 25:

    2:00 PM  Meet at Chuck's for a ride to LAX or you are on your own. 
    3:00 PM  Pick up Laz at her place on the way to airport
    4:00 PM  Check in together so we can sit together during the cattle call! 
    5:10 PM  Depart: LAX Southwest Flight#: 774
    6:25 PM  Arrive: Reno
    7:00 PM  Get our
    wheels and go!
    9:00 PM  Arrive at Condo.
    9:30 PM
      See Girls Night

Friday, 1/26

Saturday, 1/27

Sunday, 1/28

    8:00 AM  Breakfast, Pack, Play, See Activities   
    3:30 PM  Leave condo for airport
    5:30 PM  Return Car, Check in 
    7:10 PM  Depart: Reno  Southwest Flight#: 1539
    8:35 PM  Arrive: LAX


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