Project Notes:

  1. The sofa, chair and rug must be replaced (or the sofa reupholster). The coffee table can go as well, unless you like it.
  2. The Mexican flower pot on the left needs to go (although we bought it together in Mexico and I think you were trying to tell me then it wasn't a great idea!) and perhaps even poor Filipe should go as he only has 3 leaves left. What do you suggest should go there instead? A healthier plant or floor lamp? I frequently go out to the patio so whatever we put there can not block the sliding door. 
  3. Also, note the small pine end table on the right of the sofa - I would love to replace that if it's in the budget.  Note how close it is to the fireplace. The lamp can stay or go.
  4. My father painted the paintings above the sofa, so they have to stay, but can be re-framed as I don't have any clue about frames. The paintings could also moved to another location, perhaps in the dining room.

I love the light that comes through and I love my patio. I also like the windows up top for light during the day if I close the blinds.  There isn't much space on the left or right, so I don't know what to do about alternate window treatments.

Sorry for the Christmas decorations, tis the season!

  1. Anyway, just wanted to give you an alternate view. Note the small space here for an accent chair/stool by the bookshelf. 
  2. Also, the fireplace could use a mantel or something! 
  3. I am thinking about keeping the pine armoire for now and could replace it during another redesign phase. Suggestions welcome!

Does the glass coffee table create the illusion of space? Or can something else go there instead?

I wanted the mirror to reflect more light during the day, although I think it get's lost against the white wall.  Note that the chandelier is on during the day as that room is just very dark.

Just for Fun

I am considering keeping the dining room furniture for now, unless you think it is horrible. The little desk on the left is my sister's and they would love to have it back, so if you think it crowds the space, it could go. It's used primarily for magazine storage, but no other function. If you think I could keep it, perhaps I could use it as a bar...or it might just be too big for the space.

I was thinking the bar stools may look nice here, but was concerned that it would block the aisle way up to the stairs.  Everyone stands there when they are over. I have also considered a small bar table in the corner, but would need to be creative.  I don't love the kitchen, but I won't be here forever, if so, I'll eventually get to it!  Also, can you see the horrible moldings on the floor under the bar! I would love to redo the entire place with nice moldings!

I didn't want to spend a lot of time on this, so these are quick and dirty ideas for paint color for the sofa wall. I was thinking of keeping everything else white and the wall sofa somewhere between a taupe, cranberry-taracotta, to sage. These are NOT the exact colors I wanted to use, just an idea, but I am picturing an OAT or SAGE color sofa and multicolor or sisal rug. Perhaps I should reconsider staying with white or a lighter color? Let me know as I CAN'T DO COLOR! ;-)